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Garage Door Repair Jersey City
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Here at City Garage Door Repair Jersey City, we call your home's garage door springs, the unsung heroes of your garage. After all, it is your springs that lift and lower your 200+ pound garage door several times a day, 7 days a week! With all of our comings and goings, we scarcely notice these tightly coiled metal springs until something goes wrong with them, and they no longer work!

If you are experiencing erratic behavior with your garage door springs, look to the local, family-owned company who repairs them best – Garage Door Repair Jersey City. We offer cost effective, professional repair or replacement service for residential garage door springs that includes convenient appointment times and warrantied parts and labor.

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Look at these classic symptoms of garage door springs failure and see if any of these, apply to your situation:

  • Your garage door won't go up all the way before falling back down.
  • You hear loud “bang” type sounds when you try and operate your garage door.
  • You hear the opener motor humming but your garage door doesn't move.
  • When your garage door is in the “up” position, it hangs with a tilt.

You may have one, or both springs damaged or in the process of failing. Call Garage Door Repair Jersey City for professionally done, guaranteed service work and easily managed prices.

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You get the best of both worlds when you work with our technicians to get high quality residential garage door springs repair or replacement service. Garage Door Repair Jersey City offers:

  • Money savings through our affordable rates
  • Convenient appointment times that work with your schedule
  • Fully warrantied parts and labor
  • Performance and safety checks on your finished springs
  • Accurate diagnostic checks on your damaged springs
  • Highly experienced, well trained residential garage door springs technicians

What more do you need? Call our Jersey City garage door repair location and get many years of reliable and dependable garage door springs service!

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