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Garage Door Repair Jersey City
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Can you imagine how different your normal daily routine would be if you didn't have a garage door opener at home? Think of all the trips in and out of your garage where you would have to manually lift your garage door in order to come and go. Not a pleasant thought, is it? Garage Door Repair Jersey City doesn't want you to have to endure life like that and this is why we offer our expert residential garage door installation service to our customers.

With over 20 years of successful garage door opener repair and replacement experience, our technicians have affordable and smart solutions to all of your residential garage door opener needs.

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How can you tell if your garage door opener needs to be replaced? Do any of these situations apply to you?

  • There is a manufacturer's recall on your particular opener model
  • The opener you have now is 15+ years old, or older
  • Your opener at home lacks photoelectric eyes
  • When you try and operate your opener, you hear loud and unusual sounds coming from it
  • There have been lawsuits against your opener's manufacturer for making problem units
  • Your opener works just fine, but you want to upgrade to a better, or newer model

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Garage Door Repair Jersey City can install your new opener at a time that is most convenient to you. We observe the highest safety standards and all of our parts and labor are warrantied. We can install any of the 4 main types of openers on the market today:

  • Jackshaft Openers
  • Belt Drive Openers
  • Chain Drive Openers
  • Screw Drive Openers

Each of these different types offers their own unique features and characteristics and when you work with us, we'll explain each one along with their available upgrades and options. Get back to your normal daily routine with dependable garage door opener usage. Call our Jersey City garage door repair office telephone number to get started!

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